Cleveland Recovery Center

Cleveland Recovery Center offers addiction treatment for those suffering from addiction. We have a network of treatment centers that can accept insurance. We have a variety of options for all financial situations. Often insurance covers 100% of the cost of treatment.  Call us today.

Rehab Paid For By Your Insurance

We have options for any type of person seeking treatment. Wether it be addiction or mental health issues you are struggling with, we’ve got you covered!

Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority

We know the pain of detox from drugs and alcohol and work with the top medical detoxes in the country so that you will be comfortable through your stay in treatment and have the tools needed to start a new sober life.


How It Works In Three easy steps

1. You give us a call and tell us about your situation.

2. We collect any relevant information like drugs you have been using, how long, etc…

3. We provide you with the best treatment options.

Leading Recovery Center Options.

We work with the best rehabs in the nation in order to find the best option for you.

We have options for in-patient residential facilities, out-patient facilities with sober living, and virtually every treatment oprtion available.

“I called Cleveland Recovery Center and they helped me get my son into a luxury rehab that we could afford. The place he went was so nice that I wanted to go. I have no idea how they made all of that possible for so little money. Since then my son has been sober and is living a positive uplifting life. Thank you Cleveland Recovery Center!”

Towfiq Omi

Cleveland Recovery Center